NDIS Support Coordination Specialist in Melbourne – Jonquilla Home & Community Care

Support coordination enables NDIS participants and their caregivers to access the appropriate care services. It covers the basics of designing a good NDIS plan as well as goals and budget management. Should you require an NDIS support coordinator in Melbourne, Jonquilla Home and Community Care can help you. We have professional NDIS support coordinators in our team who are experts at helping you frame the perfect support plan for you or your loved one.

Our focus is on removing barriers and simplifying the support environment for NDIS participants. This entails assisting them in connecting with resources and capacity building within their respective communities. We have highly skilled staff with the qualifications and experience to oversee specialised support coordination for our clients. Some advantages of the NDIS specialist support coordination are:

  • Personalised plans with specific supports

  • Coordination of complex support services